Naming things

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Bruce Sterling is doing the rounds in London at the moment: I caught him on Monday at a New Statesman event upstairs at the Grouse and Claret. Bruce gave a highly entertaining ‘cyberpunk exegesis’ of a bewildering array of contemporary issues and ideas: the UK’s surveillance culture, Web 2.0, Climate Change and of course the Internet of Things to name just a few. Good ‘names’ for things seem more important than ever now: Bruce mentioned that Tim O’Reilly – who coined the term Web 2.

Illustrations for each page of Gravity’s Rainbow

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Gravity’s Rainbow being my favourite book and all, seems like I have to link to this: “nobody asked me to, but I did it anyway”. Although this is perhaps a more impressive page.

<strike>Jacques Derrida</strike>

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One of my erstwhile heroes, Jacques Derrida, the Blake Carrington of French Philosophy, is dead. Or perhaps now we just refer to him ‘sous rature’: Jacques Derrida.