The World’s Biggest Liar Competition

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It’s that time again: Copeland Borough Council presents The World’s Biggest Liar Competition, held annually at The Bridge Inn, Santon Bridge, Cumbria. This years contest will take place on Thursday, 20th November.

In 2000, Tim and I took part in a Festival of Lying organised around the competition by artists Anna Best, Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope and Simon Poulter. Other speakers included crop circle maker Rob Irving, magician Peter Lamont, author Jon Ronson and Elvis. The event was compèred by Ralph Spours, a local estate agent, and every time he came on stage the organisers played Adam Ant’s Prince Charming. The entire track. The winner of The World’s Biggest Liar Competition that year was five-time winner John Graham, but the following year he was defeated by George Kemp (who also won last year) with a story about “his grandfather’s greyhound, which gave birth to pups in the middle of a race before going on to win, followed by the puppies” (CNN).

Update: This year’s winner has been accused of cheating and of “not being Cumbrian”.