Running Macromedia Flex with JBoss on Mac OS X Server

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Although one of the early Flex beta installers for Linux also worked on Mac OS X, this is no longer true for the 1.0 release version. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be installed. All you need to do is extract the WAR files from the installer: unzip -d flex flex-10-lin.bin (extracting the contents of the archive to a new directory ‘flex’ in the working directory). These will be in the dist directory at flex/R_/dist. Each WAR file is a separate, stand-alone application, and should be installed on the server with its own directory structure and context. For example, to install the samples, extract the contents of this archive to JBoss’s deploy directory e.g. unzip -d /Library/JBoss/3.2/deploy/samples.war flex/R_/dist/, then wait about a minute for the JBoss engine to do its thing before accessing the application: http://localhost:8080/samples.

The Flex trial CD can be ordered from the Macromedia store for $8.99.

Update: the 1.5 installer now works on Mac OS X (although Mac OS X is still an unsupported platform). The 1.5 trial is now available for download. I tried the IBM AIX version, as this was the smallest download. It’s not possible to change the default install directory (/Macromedia/Flex), but otherwise the installer works as expected.