Getting Things Done with liquorice tea

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The Getting Things Done meme is not just exploding across the web: recently Victoria Moore in the Weekend Guardian refered to a liquorice tea as stuff that “somehow encourages the transparent and focused mind required to Get Things Done” (it’s the capitalisation that gives it away, surely: and clearly a reference to David Allen’s “mind like water”, a state in which you only give the attention to things that they deserve).

Now liquorice is one of my favourite things, and something described as “more like a shape than a taste” just had to be worth trying, especially if it was likely to give me a productivity boost too. I managed to track it down at Goodness Direct and ordered three boxes*. And then had to wait ages, as a high demand for Yogi Tea Licorice Egyptian Spice meant there was none in stock. The verdict? Yes, it really does “curl around your mouth in the most extraordinary way”…

(*If you decide to order some for yourself, tell them I sent you and quote this reference: RB38986W.)

Update: according to recent Iranian research, liquorice can apparently lower testosterone in men. Not sure that this is really helpful from a productivity point of view… curiously it also seems to help women have their babies earlier.