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After a year long fling with Sony Ericsson, I’ve come back to Nokia and upgraded to a 6630 Smartphone. Actually, I haven’t dumped the T610 entirely, this will sit next to my server, with a pay as you go SIM, so I can start working on a couple of SMS apps using Tim Ellis’ excellent UltraSMS utility.

The 6630 is a great phone. Not only does it have a very usable 1.3 megapixel camera (I tried to love the T610′s pitifully lo res images, I really did), there are new development tools like Flash Lite and Python for Series 60 and a whole bunch of freeware apps: see David’s review for some examples, and more here. Best of all though is Lifeblog, Nokia’s diary/media manager, the perfect accessory to your Flickr account (see here for details).

Of course mobile phone love is always short-lived and it doesn’t take long before you’re lusting after another, like these just-announced Nseries phones.

Update: If like me you’re on a Mac and bought a 6630 in the expectation that it would sync with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and were dismayed that it didn’t, you’re now in luck: Apple just released iSync 2.1.