Plat du Jour

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The long-awaited (by me at least) new album Plat du Jour from Matthew Herbert was released last week. Over two years in the making this is a ‘concept’ album about “the international language of food” with some great tunes, including two standout tracks: Celebrity, made entirely from food aimed at children endorsed by celebrities and the only vocal track (“Go Gordon, go Ramsay, go Beyoncé…”) and The Nine Seeds Of Navdanya, generated from seeds provided by a conservation organisation in India. Check out the Plat du Jour website for the complete list of ‘ingredients’ for each track including a grain of sugar, 30,000 chickens, a salmon farm and the sewers below London (then download the album here for a fiver.)

(Cover image from the awesome CoverFlow)

Not unsurprisingly it’s perfect to listen to in the kitchen, especially if you’ve got a lot of chopping or mixing to do.