More on semi-private bookmarks

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Jon Udell’spost (via Lifehacker) on Alex Bosworth’s hack to save semi-private delicious bookmarks using the for:yourname tag prompted me to fix an aspect of my use of delicious that has been bugging me recently.

For a while now, I’ve been using a variation on Frasier Speirs’ AppleScript to post to delicious directly from QuickSilver, tagging these GTD-style with @review, for those times when I want bookmark something quickly without going to the trouble of describing, annotating and tagging the link.

More often than not, this means that I end up with a whole list of raw urls I haven’t bothered to organise: not something I really want to share and not much use to me or other delicious users. The perfect place for these to appear would be in your delicious inbox (except that in delicious parlance, your inbox is a place for users/tags you’re subscribed to), but having them show up in your private for: bucket is a good substitute.

Trouble is, as Jon says: “I’d also like to be able to delete things in my for: bucket. That wouldn’t mean deleting the sender’s bookmarklets, but rather rejecting for: tags aimed at me.” If you use Alex’s generated bookmarklet you have no control over the source of your incoming for: tagged links. One solution to this is to create your own ‘feeder’ account (with username yourname.private for example) from which you can target links to your main account’s for: bucket and then delete them when you’re done.

So now, my QuickSilver action posts to my ‘feeder’ account, tagging links with for:robbevan, my ‘real’ account.

I still have a huge number of @review posts to deal with though…