Blog Resolutions 2006

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Apart from the obvious need/desire to post more often, here’s a bunch of improvements I want to make to this blog in the coming weeks. I was hoping to get some of this done during ‘ketchup’ week, but family, friends and a bumper crop of BAFTA screeners were welcome distractions.

Upgrade to WordPress 2.0.1
I’ve been localhostin’ the beta for some time, and keeping up with it on, but now it and Steve Smith’s Tiger Admin plugin are out and there are fixes/workarounds for the WP 2.0-MarsEdit 1.1 issues it’s time to upgrade this install.

Categorise posts better
Been holding off on a complete reorganisation of categories until I can take advantage of the new ‘Ajax Category Addition’ feature of WP 2.0. A few top level categories, with more obviously separate feeds, and many more tag-like secondary ones are what’s needed, along with improved ways to navigate these.

Release some WP plugins
I’ve written a couple of plugins for use on this site and I have some others in development. First release will likely be the one I’ve been using to display favicons in my Link-categorised posts. Perhaps I’ll use my so far dormant site for plugin-related announcements.

Add new sections and links
Aside from adding some other site sections (about, contact, the usual stuff, plus a few extras), I want to add a whole bunch of links by publishing my list of NetNewsWire subscriptions, probably using this OMPL renderer.

Get tumbling
I’d like to get into the habit of “quick and dirty stream of consciousness” tumblelog-style posting, either here or elsewhere. If you’re going to do this well it obviously requires real commitment, very streamlined processes and clear differentiation from the best examples.