Al Gore on Climate Change

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I was invited today by one of my clients – The Climate Group – to watch Al Gore give his presentation on Climate Change at the bfi London IMAX Cinema. Gore’s presentation is pretty well covered elsewhere, so I’m not even going to try and summarise it here (it was too dark to take notes and besides I’m a lousy note-taker anyway). Suffice to say for someone who has a reputation for being boring, he’s both funny and extremely passionate about our need to find a common moral purpose to deal with this “planetary emergency”.

Here’s Al Gore and The Climate Group’s Steve Howard standing beneath “one of the world’s most widely recognised and requested photographs of all time” the last image of the Earth shot by a human being (from Apollo 17 in 1972).

Al Gore and The Climate Group’s Steve Howard at the bfi London IMAX
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The vertiginous, somewhat uncomfortable feeling you get sitting up close to an IMAX screen (the UK’s largest) really enhanced the images of huge ice shelves collapsing into the sea and all the ensuing discussion of ‘tipping points’…

(See also The Climate Group’s coverage of today’s event).